Proposed City of Taylor



Hiring a Health


The City of Taylor will hire a medical professional to oversee the city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic​. ​Under my direction as Mayor, the medical professional ​will lead the city’s effort to implement a COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan​.


The plan will be implemented in cooperation with the Wayne County Health Department. ​Prioritization of the vaccine will be for individuals 60 years old and older, first responders, and those with underlying medical conditions.


Residential and

Business Support

Moratorium on Water Shutoffs, Deferred Payments & Fee Waiver​

Keeping lights, water, and other utilities connected allows residents and businesses to continue to function. The city will continue to cooperate with the state moratorium on water shutoffs, and also provide for deferred payment and waive fees and penalties for late payment caused by the crisis.   


Delay / Reduction / Deferral
of Taxes & Fee Collection​

As our residents face hardship and businesses face severe cash flow difficulties, temporary deferral of taxes and fees can provide relief. Taylor can provide major relief by deferring collection of local fees and taxes. Taylor, in cooperation with the City Treasurer and the Wayne County Treasurer, can also institute deferred/flexible payment plans. Pending approval of the Taylor City Council, other fees and taxes that can be reduced or deferred include business license and occupation taxes, and certificate fees.


Small Business


As businesses slow their operations or face complete shutdown, financial assistance will be needed to meet existing obligations in the face of lost revenue. Financial assistance can be targeted to businesses below a specified threshold number of employees or revenue.

Low / No Interest Loans​

Offered through federal SBA programs and municipal funding, loans can help small businesses meet short term payroll and supplier needs. Loans are a temporary solution meant to buy time until a more permanent solution can be instituted. Since these loans are offered to small businesses with diminished financial capacity, they would be of little to no interest & with flexible repayment terms.

Grants / Financial Assistance

In light of economic hardship, direct financial assistance is preferable to loans. Assistance can be offered to Taylor business owners directly. Programs can set parameters based on business income and number of employees. Assistance can be offered as a general grant or in a way tied to continued employment of staff through payroll assistance.