Frequently Asked Questions

When is the election for Mayor of Taylor?

The general election is on November 2nd. It also includes an election for Taylor City Council. 

How will Rep. Garza address public safety, including the Taylor Police Department?

Taylor deserves capable public safety officers, which is why I believe in stronger public safety, including better policing. I plan on issuing higher compensation and better benefits to ensure we attract the right people to protect us. 

Is the election for Taylor's Mayor partisan?

No, this is a nonpartisan election. There will be no party identification on ballots.

What is Rep. Garza's stance on immigration?

I believe immigration is an important issue that should be tackled at the federal level. If I am elected mayor, I will leave the administration of immigration rules to law enforcement and focus all my attention on the issues facing Taylor. 

Where can I register to vote? Can I get an absentee ballot?

Registration to vote can be found here. The application to receive an absentee ballot can be found here.

How will Rep. Garza's past experience serve him as Mayor?

My past experience has given me the insight and knowledge to effectively help my city. My beliefs are shaped by my life experiences and values which have not wavered throughout my career.

Why is Rep. Garza Running for Mayor?

I can do a lot for Michigan as State Representative but my heart has always been in Taylor. I want to become your Mayor because the Mayor’s office is the place where I can do the most good and have the biggest impact on our community.