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Knowing what your government is doing is an important part of citizen oversight. Recently, Taylor has been in the news for non-competitively bid contracts, illegal use of funds, FBI raids at the Mayor’s office, home, and vacation home, and many other things that have called our city’s leadership into question.


As Mayor, I will be committed to an open and transparent administration. On day one, I will order a forensic audit of our city finances to ensure we weed out any irregularities. I will require all city contracts be properly put out for bid to ensure residents are getting the best value for their tax dollars.

Transparency in Government

Taylor is facing a huge shortage of police officers and firefighters, losing skilled public safety personnel to communities with more attractive compensation and benefits.


I'm not new to taking on public safety problems. During my time on City Council, I helped bring back Taylor’s advanced life support (ALS) transport program to our Fire Department - that saves lives everyday in our community.


As Mayor, my #1 commitment will be to keep you, your family, and the entire city of Taylor safe. I am prepared to solve talent retention issues our departments are facing. I will see to it that we recruit and retain the best talent among first responders, while being fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars.

Taylor Safe
Road Construction

While our city has made strides to improve our city streets, we have to do more. As State Representative, I fight to make sure Taylor gets their fair share of county and state road funding. On the local level, Taylor has to have a strong advocate to ensure we are getting the funding we deserve.


During my time on City Council, I worked to prioritize the repair of the worst of our crumbling roads. As Mayor, I will leverage relationships I've built on the state level to ensure Michigan’s 23​rd largest city receives its fair share of funding for better roads.

Our Roads
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Small businesses are the back-bone of Taylor, and due to COVID-19, many of these businesses have suffered hardships. We must ensure these businesses have the proper resources at their disposal to stay afloat during this time.


As Mayor, I will work with these businesses that are struggling. I will fight for Taylor businesses, such as working to provide direct financial assistance like general grants and no interest loans. Keeping the lights, water, and other utilities connected are also essential for these businesses, which is why the city will continue with the state moratorium on water shutoffs. I also plan to cooperate with City Treasurer and Wayne County Treasurer to institute deferred/flexible payment plans for local fees and taxes. 

Protecting Our
Small Businesses
Smiling Senior Couple


Seniors in Taylor deserve the absolute best programs we can provide. We can do more to ensure seniors have access to the care, transportation, and recreation that they are entitled to.

As Mayor, it will be my goal to ensure Taylor Seniors are supported in every way possible. I will expand senior citizen transportation options across our city so that seniors have access to the facilities and care they deserve. Our Seniors have given their all to this city, it is up to us to make sure Taylor is a place where they can lead a healthy life and continue to call home.

Supporting our
Senior Citizens
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Our city government needs to do more to foster a better relationship with our Taylor school district. There are so many ways that we can create city/school district partnerships that will allow our city and schools to work together in order to create opportunities for our students.

As Mayor, I will lead the discussion on the creation of a joint city/school district advisory group that will look to ways to guarantee we are doing everything we can to ensure our students are getting the absolute best experience they can. The success of our school district is a vital part of our city’s future success. Working together to build an even more desirable school district is a project I am excited to take on.

Partnering with Taylor Schools
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Like many cities across Michigan, the city of Taylor has struggled to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It's taken a toll on our community, and we have not had the proper leadership to deal with it.


Under my direction as Mayor, I will appoint a medical professional who ​will lead the city’s effort to implement a COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan​. ​The plan will be implemented in cooperation with the Wayne County Health Department. ​Prioritization of the vaccine will be for individuals 60 years old and older, first responders, and those with underlying medical conditions.  

Response Plan